Wir liefern Abtreibungspillen von Deutschland nach Deutschland

Abtreibungspille online kaufen | Mifegyne kaufen

Abtreibungspille online kaufen | Mifegyne kaufen


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All pills are manufactured and exported from India to Europe

We ship all abortion pills packages from India, so do not hesitate to send payment in India. If you have any doubts, we are ready to share with you the reviews of our existing customers on Whatsapp

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Sign in to the Transferwise or Wise app with your email ID.

After registering, create your first transfer by selecting amounts according to your order amount.

Remember that you are sending an amount to India for the EUR to INR transfer to appear.

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Look through the steps carefully so you don’t get any errors. If you do, please WhatsApp us so our team can assist you.

Two values ​​are available. EUR  and  INR ,  EUR  is what you send and INR is what our shipper receives. So you need to change EUR according to your order amount.

Abortion pills Germany

In the next step you will be asked for your email ID, name, IFSC code and bank account number. All information can be found below.

Abortion pills Germany
Abortion pills Germany

When you see this screen, your transfer has been initiated. Just send us a screenshot via email or WhatsApp to the number provided

Bank transfer details

Email –  devmunidevi63@gmail.com
Account Number  – 32984443015
IFSC  – SBIN0011585
Bank Name  – State Bank Of India

Amount – as per your order details